ExpressDB is the easiest way to connect a form to a database.

  1. Name your database. Then choose email alerts, confirmation page, and SSL.
  2. Activate your form. Copy the provided action tag and paste it in your form.
  3. Done. All form submissions are captured to view or download anytime.

Start with a Free Trial.

Start with a Free Trial

Capturing data from a website is as easy as copy-and-paste

ExpressDB records data from any web form to a secure database – simply, reliably, and flexibly.

ExpressDB makes web forms simple

ExpressDB is perfect for web designers, marketing managers, salespeople and anyone who wants a quick and easy way to capture data submitted on contact forms, feedback forms, surveys, event registrations –any format, any design.

ExpressDB requires zero database setup and zero programming. Just name your database, copy and paste one line of HTML into your form, and ExpressDB automatically creates a database structure to record submissions.

ExpressDB works with business apps

You can download your data at any time as a standard CSV import/export file. That means you can open it in Excel or import your data into Microsoft Access and many other programs for contact management, sales lead tracking, or business management.

Often, all you want is a way to pull web submissions into a spreadsheet, so why make things more complicated than necessary? Let ExpressDB be your online Excel data capture solution.

ExpressDB captures leads reliably

Email generated by web forms can fall through the cracks – or get caught in spam filters. That’s not good, especially if this is how you are handling sales leads or customer data capture! ExpressDB can send you email notifications, too, but it doesn’t stop there.

Your data is always securely and reliably recorded. Behind the scenes, we use an enterprise-class database management system, Microsoft SQL Server – but you don’t have to worry about the technicalities. When creating a new database, for example, you never have to fuss with setting data types, field lengths, or database keys.

ExpressDB secures and protects

SSL encryption for your forms is available at no extra charge, and all data is secured at a state-of-the-art data center. We adhere to strict privacy and reliability measures.